Cast to Abutments

Cast custom abutments are fabricated using a UCLA abutment (plastic sheath with a cast to machined platform interface) by the technician.  Bolton Dental Laboratory works with UCLA abutments to make cast custom abutments from numerous implant companies including: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and BioHorizons.

Start with UCLA
fabricating_abutment_patternWe start by waxing over the UCLA abutment to achieve the ideal shape, contour, and emergence profile needed for the individual restoration.
Spruing_casting_divestingThe technician then sprues and invests the pattern and places it in a burnout furnace
casting_custom_abutmentOnce the ring is at the correct temperature the technician casts the abutment out of a prescribed alloy. We use yellow gold alloy for anterior and high palladium alloy for posterior abutments.
finished_custom_abutmentAfter devesting the custom cast abutment it is finished and polished.