Technical, Warranty, Remake Policy and Payment Terms

Technical –  Cementation Recommendations:

E-max – Adhesive bonding dual cure (dry supra gingival margins)

    • Variolink- Ivoclar
    • Choice- Bisco
    • Porcelite- Kerr
    • Subgingival Areas or wet areas should use Hybrid
    • Glass Ionomer >.5% Expansion

Lava/Lava Plus/Zirconia

    • Relyx by 3MESPE Resin
    • Fujivest GC Glass Ionomer
    • Panavia 21

Please call to discuss

Remake Policy:

Most remakes will be done at no charge unless the following:

    • Case was reprepped
    • Shade was changed
    • We questioned the case and told to proceed with it
    • New bite sent and different than the first bite
    • Crown doesn’t come back with case
    • If the material was changed
    • We ask for a try in and told to proceed with out a try-in.
Payment Terms:
    • Net 30 days 1.5% interest added to balance
    • Credit page on file
    • Payment- Check, Credit Card, Debit card