Shock Absorbency

A resin nano ceramic has an elastic modulus that's comparable to dentin - which is much lower than what brittle glass ceramic materials or PFM veneering porcelains provide. This enables Lava Ultimate restorative to better absorb chewing forces and reduce stress to the restoration - which is especially advantageous for crowns over implants.

The periodontal ligament is removed by the implant procedure, which removes shock absorbance or sensory function - so the crown may fracture or chip.

Immediate Benefits:

Whether you have a chairside system or not, there are many reasons to prefer Lava Ultimate restorative. It's tough, yet gentle. Resilient, yet easy to adjust. It truly is the ultimate CAD/CAM restorative material.

  • Less wear to opposing enamel than glass ceramics

  • Easy to adjust and re-polish, right in your operatory, so you can achieve the ideal occlusion

  • It allows access to an abutment and implant at any time. Just cut a hole, reseal it with a composite and re-polish

Less wear to opposing dentition
Enamel Volume Loss (mm2) measured in two-body wear

Block Born Beautiful

Nanotechnology on the inside means a beautiful, long-lasting polish on the outside. In fact, it takes only minutes to give your milled Lava Ultimate restorations an amazing, enamel-like luster. Tests prove the brilliant polish will last - and no firing is required.

Brilliant esthetics with a long-lasting polish. The chairside block that was born beautiful.

10-year Warranty* – tough, resilient and durable

Down the road, Lava Ultimate restorative will continue to perform.
The impressive durability of resin nano ceramic CAD/CAM material results from its high flexural strength and fracture toughness. In fact, it’s so tough that 3M ESPE has you covered with an industry-leading 10-Year Limited Warranty!

10 Year Warranty


Restorations made with Lava™ Ultimate Restorative must be bonded with an adhesive resin cement. 3M ESPE recommends RelyX™ Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement with Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive – the primer and adhesive are in one bottle. The flexibility of this system enables you to etch the tooth preparation using a self-etch, selective-etch or a total-etch technique all with one system.